About Us 

Veils of the Nile group 2013

The Veils of the Nile are a group that perform to classical and folkloric styles of Mid-Eastern dance. But as is evident at our Alternative Haflas, belly dancing to all music styles is a delightful and passionate option.
Troupe members have changed over the years and until the fall of 2011, the members of the Veils of the Nile were directed and inspired by the lovely Aleili.  Although she moved to Hawaii we've stayed together to share the camaraderie as dance sisters and the love and joy of the dance. 

Current Members include:

Marta Smith (Johara)

Angie Modelski


Kathy Stuart (Catalina)

Linda Ness

Jill Spraque Massengill (Ameeka)

Anita Boser (Aliya)